Dental Anxiety

Dental Anxiety

At Vermont South Dental, we recognize that many people are nervous about seeing the dentist and, that past, unpleasant experiences may have  contributed to cause dental anxiety.

The most common fears of going to a dentist include:

  • Fear of injections and other pain
  • A sense of not being in control
  • A sense of being smothered by having their comfort zone invaded
  • Financial loss, often including missed time from work
  • Embarrassment of their dental conditions
  • Dental sounds, noises

If you suffer from dental anxiety, we recommend that if you have children, please be aware of what you say around them. Kids are like sponges. Your anxiety can be passed onto them as transference. Even in situations where they have never experienced the dentist at all.

In this situation, we would suggest,  it may best for another person to bring the children for dental check-ups.  This will help them to start forming their own opinions and build a basis for a good oral hygiene routine. Putting them in good stead for a healthy, happy lifestyle.

It can’t be stressed enough, that since your experience, possibly many years ago, dental practice has changed considerably.  We can assure you that your next dental experience will be completely different for both you and your child.

Our priority is for you to be at ease with your dental treatment.

We'll take the time to sit with you and find out what will help you become more at ease. Whether it is applying more numbing cream before a procedure, or placing the TV on your favourite channel to help you focus elsewhere. Please also remember that Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) is also availabe upon request . We're  here to make things easier for you.



Our dentists are upfront and will always give you realistic treatment options. They only operate in good faith and trust. So we ask the same of you, as communication is the vital key for us to help make you feel comfortable, but only when we know how you are feeling.

You are, and should be, in control of your dental treatment.