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CEREC Technology


Crowns and Bridges are a great way to help restore broken, decaying, or stained teeth. They’re both used for a variety of reasons. For example, to provide a long lasting solution, to create a healthier or more aesthetic smile. Due to CEREC Technology, you don’t have to wait a long time to restore your tooth.

At Vermont South Dental

we have a CEREC machine

which eliminates the need for

appointments weeks apart.

Previously without CEREC technology, an impression would be made at your first appointment. You would be given a temporary filling until your permanent filling returned from the lab 3 weeks later. This process is no longer required.

We understand it can be hard to make room in a busy schedule for one dental visit let alone multiple visits within a month. Using this CEREC technology Vermont South Dental are able to provide fast, efficient treatment with our same day visit appointment


This means that you will have your inlay/onlay/veneer or crown finished in one morning’s appointment.