Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

I have never been here before, Are you taking on New Patients?

  shopfront Yes absolutely! You are very welcome. Please see our related page for

New patients

How Do I get to Vermont South Dental?

Vermont South Dental is at the back of the group of shops on the corner of Burwood Highway and Hanover Rd.  Facing the Coles Carpark 


DRIVING - Free parking available outside the clinic for up to 3 hours.

TRAM - # 75

(end of line stops right out the front of our group of shops on Burwood Highway)

BUS - 742, 736, 732

(Bus stop with shelter cover)


When should I arrive for my appointment?

2015-03-26-15-08-21-3We would appreciate meeting you 10-15 minutes prior to your appointment time. This allows us to process your medical history and ensure your consultation with the dentist will start on time.

OR....If you wish, print out the patient information form and bring the completed form along to your appointment.

PLEASE NOTE: you will be asked what operations you have had and what medications you are currently taking.

Patient information form



Can I claim from my private health fund?

HICAPS Logo in JPG formatYes, we have HICAPS. Bring in your Private health insurance card and we should be able to process your claim after your appointment. Therefore you will only have to pay the remaing balance. There will be no need for you to have to go your health fund to make a claim - we do it for you . 


How can I pay for my account?

We accept cash, EFTPOS, Visa, Master Card or American Express. Full payment is required for treatment received on the day of service. We do not issue an account.


Am I eligible for the Dental Benefits scheme?






Some families with children aged between 2- 17 years are eligible for the Child Dental Benefits Scheme (CDBS). This is a $1000 allowance from Medicare which is "MEANS" tested to use on dental treatment over a two year period. Simply bring in our Medicare card and we can check your eligibility with a quick phone call. If eligible, we can  process the claim on the spot after your child's treatment, so you will receive 100% back from Medicare.

Due to change in Government at the end of 2016 -  this Scheme may finish Dec 2017







My mum only speaks Vietnamese can you help her?

Yes, DR Trinh Du is fluent in speaking Vietnamese. Please ring to make an appointment with her on Tuesdays or Thursdays and she will be able to communicate with your mum during her appointments.


Do you accept Veteran patients ?


Vermont South Dental is a proud provider to Patients associated with the department of Veterans Affairs 

Card Holders may be eligible for general or preventative dental treatment, as well as dentures, crowns, bridges and implants.

Veteran’s affairs limits do apply and in some cases pre-approval from the department is required 

We follow the Department of Veterans affairs schedule of fees and no additional costs are charged to the patient.