Preventative Dental


Preventative Dental



Many Studies are suggesting potential links between severe gum disease and serious illnesses such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes complications and even pre term – low birth weight infants. Gum Disease is caused by bacteria that grow in your mouth.

For people with severe gum disease, this bacteria can enter the bloodstream and cause problems elsewhere in the body.


Vermont South Dental is “pro- prevention”


3 Simple things 

you can do to prevent any

major dental work .

See below for the most cost effective way to go about your dental health and overall well-being.

1.   Eat RIGHT

Eating well by choosing a good balanced diet is the First step. Limiting the amount of sugar that you eat and drink will not only be beneficial for your teeth but also your waistline. Also be aware also of the amount of acid you have and when you are brushing after having it, as you could be damaging the enamel of your teeth.



 You will be told this many times throughout your life and everyone knows they should brush their teeth. Its not that hard to brush your teeth morning and night.


You will feel fresher in the morning without having been breathing in the food stuck between your teeth all night .


While you are at it give your mouth a quick rinse with mouth wash and floss before you go to bed. 

3.    Visit the Dentist Twice a year 

We all know we should, but sometimes finding the time can be hard in our busy lives. Other times it seems hardly worth it for the dentist to look in your mouth and tell you everthing is ok - Right ?  Well...

This is the best outcome you could hope for.

The dentist can detect any issues and fix them before they develop. Therefore, helping you to stay pain free, save you money and time, by not having to sit in the chair for more lengthy visits to fix bigger problems.