UPDATED  - 16-08-2021-

Lockdown has been extended again until midnight 2nd September and a curfew from 9pm - 5am. Dental restriction level remains at necessary as mentioned below. Regular check and cleans have been rescheduled. Until further notice we will be working at reduced hours, depending on appointments booked. Thank you for your understanding.


Due to the announcement of Lockdown 6.0 we have been advised by the ADAVB that we are once again deemed as essential services.

This advice allows ‘dental services to be undertaken by oral health professionals in the management of patients with urgent needs or care where failure to do so in a clinically appropriate time frame will lead to adverse outcomes'.


The ‘guideline’ advises that clinicians should take a risk-based approach during this period. Therefore, our dentists will take each patient’s individual circumstances into consideration to determine treatment. As we are now able to treat patients where delay in treatment can be detrimental, part of the dentist’s decision may also be based on priority, high risk etc.

If you have an appointment booked for a regular check and clean during the lockdown period , we will be in contact with you shortly to reschedule your appointment at a time and day similar to your booked lockdown appointment.




We would like to reassure you that we have every patient’s best interest in mind and that if you are experiencing any pain/ discomfort or change to your dental situation to please contact us straight away.


Patients who recently attended the practice or have an upcoming appointment are kindly asked to advise us should you or a family member be identified as being a primary close contact or secondary close contact at any of the Tier1, Tier 2 or Tier 3 exposure sites.  


Extra precautions are now common protocol at VSD to protect our staff, patients and the community when visiting our clinic. VSD’s Covid Safe plan is extensive, and the entire team have been trained and are aware of their duty of care. VSD follows advice from the ADAVB and their level of Dental Restrictions. Detailed information on these levels and what treatment can be performed can be found here.


  • Please advise us immediately if are unwell with any COVID symptoms prior to your appointment
  • If you are an “at risk patient” and you are early for an appointment, please advise us that you have arrived and wait outside or in the car until we advise you to come in
  • Please check the current exposure sites prior to your appointment
  • Upon arrival to the surgery please be mindful of social distancing and use the hand sanitiser on the reception desk
  • Your temperature will be taken, and you’ll be questioned regarding your health before moving into the patient lounge
  • If we must cancel your appointment due to COVID closure, our website will be updated with our current Dental restriction level and instructions for patients


During this time VSD is taking all the precautions necessary at each dental restriction Level including, but not only

  • Screening patients before appointments
  • All visitors and patients are to scan our VIC GOV QR code as per government guidelines
  • Taking temperature upon arrival of staff, patients, and all visitors
  • Providing signage showing how to practice good hygiene, coughing protocol, and social distancing
  • Enforcing the wearing of a face mask and hand hygiene of everyone who enters
  • Ensuring no more than 2-patients are in the waiting area at one time
  • We request that you advise reception if you have used the bathroom, to increase infection control
  • Enhanced cleaning and documentation right throughout the dental surgery
  • Scheduling 'AT RISK' patients to the first appointment of the day and extending their appointment to ensure no crossover between patients
  • Splitting teams when required

The effects of these additional requirements in our COVID Safe plan, requires the lengthening of appointments, and therefore we are unable to see as many patients as previously throughout the day. In addition to this, family appointments may have to be split if the 2-person max rule is not achievable.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you kindly for your understanding