New Patient

New Patients





Even if you are a New Patient or not , don't wait for a toothache or an Emergency to visit a dentist!

If you visit your dentist regularly, they will clean your teeth thoroughly and treat any condition as soon as it appears.

 As a result, you will avoid facing serious dental problems in the future. Don’t hesitate to call us, we welcome new patient's from not only Vermont South, but all surrounding suburbs.





What a New Patient should expect from their First appointment ?

At your first appointment, if you have a dental emergency, this will be attended to first.

If you do not have any major issues, the dentist will perform a full comprehensive exam.

Aside from looking at your teeth,  your gums, soft tissues, jaw joints and facial muscles will be examined.  X-rays are usually taken at this appointment, to assist in this exam. In addition to this, photos may be taken with a high resolution intra-oral camerain order to see and document,  what is happening inside your mouth.

The dentist will discuss any findings and all appropriate options and create a treatment plan with you, that you feel comfortable with, in order to achieve and maintain a healthy, good-looking smile. This treatment plan may be for issues that you may need to attend t. Or, it may simply be for you to be placed on our recall list. This is where you can expect to receive a reminder card in the mail from us when you are due for your next check up.


How can I pay my account?

Full payment is required for treatment received on the day of service. We do not issue an account.

HICAPS Logo in JPG formatVermont South Dental has HICAPS facilities allowing us to process your health fund benefit with a simple swipe of your health fund card. 

Please remember to bring your card with you to each appointment in order for the HICAPS claim to be made on that day.

The balance can be paid by cash, EFTPOS, Visa, Master Card or American Express.



Dental Anxiety



We recognise that many people are nervous about seeing the Dentist & that past/ unpleasant experiences may have contributed to this.Our priority is for you to be at ease with your proposed dental treatment.

Your Dentist will take the time to sit with you and find out what will help you to become more at ease. Whether it is applying more numbing cream before a procedure, or placing the TV on your favourite channel to help you focus elsewhere - we are here to make things easier for you. Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) is also available upon request.

We don't just treat your teeth, we treat you.

Our Dentists are upfront and will always give you realistic treatment options. They operate in good faith and trust. We ask the same of our patients in good communication. This is vital, so that we know how you are feeling in order for us to help make you comfortable. You are, and should be, in control of your dental treatment.



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